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A modular IRC bot for PHP 7.0+
Erebot\CLI Class Reference

Provides the entry-point for Erebot. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static cleanupPidfile ($handle, $pidfile)
static run ()
static startupSighandler ($signum)

Detailed Description

Provides the entry-point for Erebot.

Erebot::CLI::run() is called statically by the "Erebot" script. This class then takes care of loading every configuration file and module required and connects the bot to the different IRC servers.

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Member Function Documentation

static Erebot\CLI::cleanupPidfile (   $handle,

Called after the bot has finished its execution to perform cleanup tasks.

resource$handleOpen file handle on the pidfile.
string$pidfileName of the pidfile.
This method does not return anything.

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static Erebot\CLI::run ( )

Entry-point for Erebot.

This method never returns. Instead, the program exits with an appropriate return code when Erebot is stopped.

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References Erebot\Patches\patch().

static Erebot\CLI::startupSighandler (   $signum)

Signal handler used during startup.

int$signumNumber of the signal received.
The current process exits with an exit code of 0 or 1, depending on the signal received.
This method does not return anything.

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