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This page assumes that the reader has a working PHP setup (either installed using some distribution’s package manager or manually) and lists the dependencies required to use Erebot.

For now, Erebot is known to work on all PHP versions >= 5.3.3. Also, Erebot should run correctly on both Windows and most Linux distributions.

Dependencies for regular users

The following table lists the PHP extensions that need to be available for the bot to work correctly.

Most of these extensions are actually part of PHP’s core extensions and are thus usually enabled by default. Nonetheless, in case you compiled PHP yourself, you may need to recompile it to include the necessary extensions.

Required PECL extensions for regular users
Dependency Description
ctype The ctype extension provides functions to test various properties of an input string.
DOM The DOM extension parses an XML document into a DOM, making it easier to work with from a developer’s point of view.
intl Provides several helper classes to ease work on i18n in PHP applications.
libxml This extension is a thin wrapper above the C libxml2 library and is used by other extensions (DOM, SimpleXML, XML, etc.) that deal with XML documents.
openssl [1] Provides SSL/TLS support (secure communications) for PHP.
pcntl [2] Process management using PHP. The functions provided by this extension can be used to communicate with other processes from PHP (using signals) and to exercise some sort of control over them.
PCRE Provides Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions for PHP.
Phar [4] This extension is used to access a PHP Archive (phar) files.
POSIX [5] Provides access to several functions only featured by POSIX-compliant operating systems.
Reflection This extension makes it possible for some PHP code to inspect its own structure.
SimpleXML Wrapper around libxml2 designed to make working with XML documents easier.
sockets This extensions provides networking means for PHP applications.
SPL The Standard PHP Library provides several functions and classes meant to deal with common usage patterns, improving code reuse.
One of mbstring, iconv, recode or XML These extensions make it possible to re-encode some text (also known as transcoding) from one encoding to another. mbstring and iconv support a wider set of encodings and are thus recommended over the other extensions.

Additional dependencies for Erebot developers

These dependencies are only necessary if you want to participate into the bot’s development. For regular usage, refer to the list of Dependencies for regular users.

Erebot developers should install both the dependencies from the regular set plus the ones listed below in order to get a working setup.

For Linux, those dependencies can usually be installed by issuing one of the following commands as a privileged user:

root@localhost:~# # For apt-based distributions (eg. Debian, Ubuntu).
root@localhost:~# apt-get install <package>

root@localhost:~# # For yum-based distributions (eg. Fedora, RedHat, CentOS).
root@localhost:~# yum install <package>

root@localhost:~# # For recent versions of Fedora, RedHat and CentOS.
root@localhost:~# dnf install <package>

root@localhost:~# # For urpmi-based distributions (eg. Mandriva).
root@localhost:~# urpmi <package>

root@localhost:~# # For Zypper-based distributions (eg. SuSE)
root@localhost:~# zypper install <package>

Please refer to your distribution’s documentation for more information.

For Windows, each dependency must be downloaded and installed separately as there is no central package manager like on Linux.

System dependencies

The following table lists the necessary system dependencies required for Erebot’s development. For apt-based systems like Debian/Ubuntu, an installation link is also provided. Instructions for Windows users are also provided.

System dependencies for developers
Dependency APT link Description
doxygen Install this package

doxygen is needed if you plan to generate the documentation from Erebot’s source files. We recommend version 1.8.0 or later.

Windows users may download a pre-built binary release from Doxygen’s download page.

gettext Install this package

The gettext package provides the xgettext command-line program used to extract messages marked for translation.


This is NOT the same as the PHP gettext extension.

Installing gettext for Windows is a bit more tedious. First, go to and download the latest version ( as of this writing) of the following archives :

Unzip each of these files to the same target folder (eg. C:\gettext).


So as to avoid potential issues, we recommend that you unzip the files in a folder whose name is both short (eg. your disk drive’s root) and does not contain any special character (eg. no spaces).

Once you are done, point your system’s PATH environment variable to that folder’s bin subdirectory (ie. C:\gettext\bin). The remaining folders (lib, include, share, etc.) are not required and can safely be removed if disk space is an issue.

xmlstarlet Install this package

xmlstarlet is a CLI tool that simplifies XML files editing. We use it during packaging to set various settings in the package.xml file.

Windows users may download a pre-build binary release from the project’s download page.

PHP extensions

The following table lists additional PHP extension that need to be installed by Erebot developers.

Required PECL extensions for Erebot developers
Dependency Description
Phar [3]

This extension is used to create a PHP Archive (phar) containing the bot’s code, providing users with an easy way to install Erebot.

This extension is part of PHP core on Windows and so, Windows users don’t need to do anything specific to benefit from it.

xdebug [6]

Debugging execution of PHP code is made possible by this extension. It is also used to retrieve code coverage information while testing the code.

Pre-built binary releases for Windows can be downloaded from Xdebug’s download page. Make sure to download the build matching your PHP installation (same VC version, same thread-safe support & same architecture).


The XSL extension implements the XSL standard, performing XSLT transformations using the libxslt library.

This extension is bundled with PHP on Windows and so, Windows users only need to activate it through the php.ini configuration file.

[1]Needed if you want to connect to IRC servers using a secure (encrypted) connection. Also required when running Erebot from a PHAR archive to check the archive’s integrity.
[2]Required for daemonization and to change user/group information upon startup. (not available on Windows)
[3]Required to package Erebot as a .phar archive.
[4]Required to run Erebot from a .phar archive.
[5]Required to change user/group information upon startup. (not available on Windows)
[6]Only required to run the test suite.

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