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IrcConnector module

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IrcConnector module


This module contains the code required to make Erebot connect to IRC(S) servers.



This module offers several configuration options.

Options for \Erebot\Module\IrcConnector
Name Type Default value Description
hostname string “Erebot” The bot’s hostname. This parameter exists for historical reasons but is actually ignored by IRC servers.
identity string “Erebot” The bot’s identity. Servers will usually only use it as a fallback if the machine’s real identity cannot be determined. This information is visible through WHOIS commands (which displays information such as nick!ident@host).
nickname string n/a The nickname the bot will take when connecting to the server.
password string “” The password required to connect to the current IRC server. By default, no password is needed to connect.
realname string “Erebot” The bot’s realname, sometimes also known as the user’s GECOS field. This usually contains information about the bot’s administrator or the bot’s purpose for connecting. This information is visible in WHOIS commands.


<?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <network name="localhost">
            Makes the bot connect to the passworded IRC server at localhost
            under the nickname "Erebus" using "ASecretIsWhatMakesAWomanAWoman"
            as the password. The bot will use an insecure (plain-text) connection
            to the IRC server but will proceed to a security upgrade to make sure
            no one can eavesdrop on the connection.
          <module name="\Erebot\Module\IrcConnector">
              <param name="password" value="ASecretIsWhatMakesAWomanAWoman"/>
              <param name="nickname" value="Erebus"/>
              <param name="realname" value="I decide who must live or die"/>

            The "upgrade" parameter is responsible for the security upgrade.
            The IRC server the bot is connecting to must support the
            STARTTLS extension for this to work.
        <server url="irc://localhost:6667/?upgrade=1" />


This module does not provide any command. Just add this module to your configuration and you’re done.

This module makes Erebot send credentials to IRC servers, ie. the following sequence of commands:

PASS password NICK nickname USER identity hostname server :Real name


The PASS command is only sent if a password was set in the configuration for that IRC server.

This module also supports forced “security upgrades” through the STARTTLS extension: This feature can be enabled by adding an upgrade parameter in the connection URL and setting it to a boolean truth value, eg. irc://

If you configure the bot to do a security upgrade, it will refuse to proceed with the connection if the IRC server rejects the upgrade (to protect itself against downgrade attacks).

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