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Helper module

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Helper module


This module provides help about avaialble modules and commands.



This module provides only one configuration option.

Options for \Erebot\Module\Helper
Name Type Default value Description
trigger string “help” The command to use to get help on other modules and commands.


The recommended way to use this module is to have it loaded at the general configuration level and to disable it only for specific networks, if needed.

The listing below shows how to change this module’s trigger so that help becomes available using the command !helpme (instead of !help).

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <!-- Other modules ignored for clarity. -->

    <!-- We only change the default command name. -->
    <module name="\Erebot\Module\Helper">
      <param name="trigger" value="sos" />

  <!-- Rest of the configuration (networks, etc.) -->


This section assumes default values are used for all triggers. Please refer to configuration options for more information on how to customize triggers.

Provided commands

This module provides the following commands:

Commands provided by \Erebot\Module\Helper
Command Description
!help Gives a brief summary of usage.
!help Module Retrieves help on module Module. The name of the module MUST start with an uppercase letter.
!help command Retrieves help on command command. The command’s name MAY NOT start with an uppercase letter.
!help Erebot_Module_Helper Displays all available modules.
!help help Same as if !help had been used.


The listing below shows different sessions where commands have been used to get help on other modules and commands, in the same order as in the array above.

23:51:23 <@Clicky> !help
23:51:24 < Erebot> Usage : "!help <Module> [commande]" ou "!help <commande>". Fournit de l'aide sur un module ou une commande donné. Utilisez "!help
                   Erebot_Module_Helper" pour voir la liste des modules actuellement chargés.

23:53:35 <@Clicky> !help Erebot_Module_Roulette
23:53:35 < Erebot> Fournit la commande !roulette qui vous fait jouer à la Roulette Russe.

23:53:43 <@Clicky> !help roulette
23:53:43 < Erebot> Usage : !roulette. Appuie sur la gachette du pistolet de la Roulette Russe.

23:53:07 <@Clicky> !help Erebot_Module_Helper
23:53:07 < Erebot> Usage : "!help <Module> [commande]". Les noms de modules doivent commencer par une majuscule, mais ne sont pas sensibles à la casse.
                   Les modules suivants sont chargés : Erebot_Module_AutoJoin, Erebot_Module_AZ, Erebot_Module_TriggerRegistry, Erebot_Module_Admin,
                   Erebot_Module_AutoConnect, Erebot_Module_Countdown, Erebot_Module_Helper, Erebot_Module_CtcpResponder,
23:53:08 < Erebot> Erebot_Module_GoF, Erebot_Module_IrcConnector, Erebot_Module_IrcTracker, Erebot_Module_LagChecker, Erebot_Module_Math,
                   Erebot_Module_PhpFilter, Erebot_Module_PingReply, Erebot_Module_RateLimiter, Erebot_Module_Roulette,
                   Erebot_Module_ServerCapabilities, Erebot_Module_TV, Erebot_Module_Uno, Erebot_Module_WatchList, Erebot_Module_WebGetter &
23:53:09 < Erebot> Erebot_Module_Wordlists.

23:54:09 <@Clicky> !help help
23:54:09 < Erebot> Usage : "!help <Module> [commande]" ou "!help <commande>". Fournit de l'aide sur un module ou une commande donné. Utilisez "!help
                   Erebot_Module_Helper" pour voir la liste des modules actuellement chargés.

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