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CtcpResponder module

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CtcpResponder module


This module responds to CTCP requests.

The following request types are currently supported by this module:

  • PING
  • TIME

For each type of CTCP requests, you can choose to use either the default response to this request (as provided by this module), to use a static string or you may also suppress the response entirely (meaning the request gets ignored entirely).



This module provides several configuration options.

Options for \Erebot\Module\CtcpResponder
Name Type Default value Description
allow_chan_ctcp boolean TRUE Whether the bot should respond to CTCP requests sent to IRC channels. If set to FALSE, the bot will only respond to requests which are directly sent to it.
ctcp_* string See notes The static text to use in a reply to a CTCP request of type “*”.


  • You may use several “ctcp_*” parameters for the different CTCP requests you want the bot to handle.
  • Using an empty string as the value for “ctcp_*” makes the bot ignore CTCP requests of that type.
  • The “*” part of “ctcp_*” is case-sensitive. The usual CTCP requests have their name written in uppercase (VERSION, TIME, PING, ...).
  • By default, this module handles a few generic CTCP requests, listed in the table below:


Here, we make the bot ignore FINGER and ERRMSG requests, we replace the default VERSION reply and we add a response to a custom type of CTCP called USERINFO (which is in fact a type most IRC clients support).

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <!-- Other modules ignored for clarity. -->

      Configure the module:
      - ignore FINGER/ERRMSG requests.
      - replace VERSION string.
      - add custom CTCP type AWAKENING.
    <module name="Erebot_Module_CtcpResponder">
      <param name="ctcp_FINGER" value="" />
      <param name="ctcp_ERRMSG" value="" />
      <param name="ctcp_VERSION"  value="Erebot v0.0.1-alpha2" />
      <param name="ctcp_AWAKENING" value="Elda Taruta" />


This module does not provide any command. Just add this module to your configuration and you’re done.

After that, the bot will automatically start responding to CTCP requests.


The listing below shows examples of CTCP requests/responses.

20:19:16 [ctcp(Erebot)] FINGER
20:19:16 CTCP FINGER reply from Erebot: foo@localhost (démarré il y a 7 heures, 47 minutes, 4 secondes)
20:19:27 [ctcp(Erebot)] VERSION
20:19:28 CTCP VERSION reply from Erebot: Erebot v0.5.1 / PHP 5.3.9 / Linux
20:19:32 [ctcp(Erebot)] SOURCE
20:19:32 CTCP SOURCE reply from Erebot:
20:19:35 [ctcp(Erebot)] CLIENTINFO
20:19:35 CTCP CLIENTINFO reply from Erebot:
20:19:42 [ctcp(Erebot)] ERRMSG
20:19:42 CTCP ERRMSG reply from Erebot: Success
20:19:49 [ctcp(Erebot)] PING foo
20:19:50 CTCP PING reply from Erebot: foo
20:19:52 [ctcp(Erebot)] TIME
20:19:52 CTCP TIME reply from Erebot: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 20:19:52 +0100

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