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Countdown module

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Countdown module


This module provides a game called “Countdown” and inspired by the TV show with the same name. Given a set of numbers and a target number, contestants have 60 seconds to propose formulae that produce the target number using only numbers from the given set and the four basic operators (+, -, *, /).

The winner is the one whose result is the closest to the target number.



This module provides several configuration options.

Options for \Erebot\Module\Countdown
Name Type Default value Description
allowed string “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 25 50 75 100” A space-separated list of numbers from which the bot will randomly select values meant to help contestants.
delay integer 60 How many seconds contestants have before the game ends.
maximum integer 999 The target number may not exceed this value.
minimum integer 100 The target number may not be less than this value.
numbers integer 7 How many numbers will be given to help contestants.
solver boolean FALSE Whether the bot should try to solve the game or not. Enabling this option has a great impact on the bot’s responsiveness. Only use it if you understand the consequences.
solver_class string “\Erebot\Module\Countdown\Solver“ The class to use to solve the game (useless unless the solver option is set to TRUE).
trigger string “countdown” The command to use (without any prefix) to start a new Countdown game. This text should only contain alpha-numeric characters.


In this example, we enable the module at the general configuration level. Therefore, the game will be available on all networks/servers/channels. Of course, you can use a more restrictive configuration file if it better suits your needs.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <!-- Other modules ignored for clarity. -->

      Configure the module:
      - the game will be started using the "!count" command.
      - contestants will have 2 minutes to make suggestions.
    <module name="\Erebot\Module\Countdown">
      <param name="trigger" value="count" />
      <param name="delay"   value="120" />


This section assumes default values are used for all triggers. Please refer to configuration options for more information on how to customize triggers.

Provided commands

This module provides the following commands:

Commands provided by |project|
Command Description
!countdown Starts a new game. If a game is already running, displays the target number, usable numbers and current leader of the game.

Once a new game has been created, contestants can make propositions directly by sending a new formula in the channel the game was started in.

The four basic operators (+ - / *) and parenthesis may be used in the formula.


The listing below shows a game played in french.

17:29:20 < foobar> !countdown
17:29:20 < Erebot> Une nouvelle partie des Chiffres et des Lettres commence. Vous devez obtenir 965 grâce aux nombres
                   suivants : 4, 2, 75, 25, 10, 7 & 8. Vous avez 60 secondes pour faire des propositions.
17:29:31 < foobar> (75+25-4)*10
17:29:31 < Erebot> Félicitations foobar ! Vous êtes le plus proche avec 960.
17:29:37 < foobar> (75+25-4)*10+7-2
17:29:37 < Erebot> BINGO ! foobar a obtenu 965 avec cette formule : (75+25-4)*10+7-2.

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