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Roulette module

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Roulette module


This module provides a simple Russian Roulette game.



This module provides several configuration options.

Options for \Erebot\Module\Roulette
Name Type Default value Description
chambers integer 6 How many chambers the cylinder used in this game has.
trigger string “roulette” The command to use to pull the trigger of the Roulette game.


The trigger should only contain alphanumeric characters (in particular, do not add any prefix, like ”!” to that value).


In this example, we configure the bot to check the latency every 2 minutes (120 seconds). The IRC server has 15 seconds to respond to our latency checks. If it does not answer by then, the bot will disconnect from that IRC server and will wait for another full minute before attempting a reconnection. Moreover, the command ”!latency” can be used at any time to display the current latency.

<?xml version="1.0"?>

    <!-- Other modules ignored for clarity. -->

      Configure the Roulette module:
      - the game will be started using the "!gun" command.
      - the gun will have 7 chambers.
    <module name="\Erebot\Module\Roulette">
      <param name="chambers"    value="7" />
      <param name="trigger"     value="gun" />


This section assumes default values are used for all triggers. Please refer to configuration options for more information on how to customize triggers.

Provided commands

This module provides the following command:

Commands provided by \Erebot\Module\Roulette
Command Description
!roulette Pulls the trigger on the Russian roulette gun.


15:34:45 < Foo> !roulette
15:34:45 < Erebot> Foo: chamber 1 of 6 => +click+
15:43:05 < Bar> !roulette
15:43:06 < Erebot> Bar: chamber 2 of 6 => *BANG*
15:43:06 * Erebot reloads

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