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AZ module

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AZ module


This module provides a game called “AZ”, where a word is randomly selected from a dictionary and contestants must guess that word. Each time a word is proposed, the range of possible words is reduced.



This module provides several configuration options.

Options for \Erebot\Module\AZ
Name Type Default value Description
trigger string “az” The command to use to start a new AZ game. May be passed a list of dictionaries.
default_lists string all available dictionaries A list of dictionaries from which the random word will be chosen, separated by spaces. Used if “az” is called without any argument.


The recommended way to use this module is to have it loaded at the general configuration level and to disable it only for specific networks.

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <!-- Other modules ignored for clarity. -->

      Configure the module:
      - the game will be started using the "!az" command.
      - the random word to guess will be a Pokémon name
        from either the first or second generation :)
    <module name="\Erebot\Module\AZ">
      <param name="trigger" value="az" />
      <param name="default_list" value="pkmn1en pkmn2en" />


This section assumes default values are used for all triggers. Please refer to configuration options for more information on how to customize triggers.

Provided commands

This module provides the following commands:

Commands provided by \Erebot\Module\AZ
Command Description
!az wordlists... Starts a new game using the given wordlists or the default wordlist if none is given. Once the game starts, you may propose words directly to the bot.
!az list or !az lists Displays a list of available wordlists.
!az cancel or !az end or !az stop Stops the current game.


The listing below shows a game (in french) played using Pokemon names from the first generation as the dictionary.

10:51:13 <@Clicky> !az list
10:51:13 < Erebot> Les listes de mots suivantes sont disponibles : english, french, haddock, pkmn1en & pkmn1fr.

11:06:19 <@Clicky> !az pkmn1fr
11:06:19 < Erebot> Une nouvelle partie de A-Z commence sur #erebot avec les listes suivantes : pkmn1fr (151 mots).
11:06:40 <@foobar> ah
11:06:40 < Erebot> ah n'existe pas ou n'est pas admissible pour ce jeu.
11:06:42 <@foobar> pikachu
11:06:42 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : ??? -- pikachu
11:06:47 <@foobar> evoli
11:06:47 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : evoli -- pikachu
11:06:51 <@foobar> lamantine
11:06:51 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : evoli -- lamantine
11:06:54 <@foobar> feunard
11:06:54 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : feunard -- lamantine
11:06:58 <@foobar> grodoudou
11:06:58 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : grodoudou -- lamantine
11:07:07 <@foobar> insecateur
11:07:07 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : grodoudou -- insecateur
11:07:11 <@foobar> grolem
11:07:11 < Erebot> Nouvel intervalle : grolem -- insecateur
11:08:49 <@foobar> herbizarre
11:08:49 < Erebot> BINGO ! La réponse était effectivement herbizarre. Félicitations foobar !
11:08:49 < Erebot> La réponse a été trouvée après 8 essais et 1 mots incorrects.

14:50:53 <@Clicky> !az pkmn1fr
14:50:53 < Erebot> Une nouvelle partie de A-Z commence sur #erebot avec les listes suivantes : pkmn1fr (151 mots).
14:50:56 <@Clicky> !az cancel
14:50:56 < Erebot> La partie de A-Z a été arrêtée après 0 essais et 0 mots incorrects. La réponse était roucoups.

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