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So, you took interest in Erebot and would like to contribute back? This is the right page!

There are several ways by which you may contribute to the project.

Try it!

The more people use it, the better, because it means bugs and regressions can be detected more quickly.

Report Bugs / Suggest Features

If you use Erebot and find issues with it, please let us know on GitHub. Try to provide as much detail as possible on how to reproduce your issue. As a rule of thumb, the easier it is to reproduce an issue, the quicker it gets fixed.

Improve the Documentation

The documentation for the project is stored alongside the code, in the docs/src/ folder. We use the Sphinx documentation builder and the Read The Docs platform to produce the documentation in a variety of output formats.

We try to document Erebot as much as we can, but acting both as developers and documentation writers, we tend to be biased as to what needs documentation.

So if you feel like some parts could be clearer, send us a pull request with your modifications and we’ll try to review them as soon as possible. Any help to improve the documentation will be greatly appreciated!

New modules

If you wish to contribute new modules, you should probably start by reading our development guide on Writing a new module. Once your code is ready, make sure to send an email to with a link to it so that your module can be added to our list of Third-party modules.

Pull requests

If you plan on sending us pull requests, please read our documentation on Erebot’s Coding standard first. Your patch will have a greater chance of being merged if it already abides by that standard when you submit it.

To contribute a patch, you will need a GitHub account. Then you can simply:

  • Fork the code to your own account.
  • Create a new branch.
  • Hack away as much as you want.
  • Create a pull request with your changes.

Once your pull request has been received, it will undergo a review process to decide whether it can be accepted as-is, or if it needs some tweaking before being merged.


The project uses the Transifex service to manage translations. All submissions or patches to translations must be submitted through Erebot’s project page on Transifex.

To submit a new translation or a patch for an already existing translation, you will need a Transifex account. Then, apply for one of the translation teams or request the creation of a new team in case none currently exists for your language. As soon as you have joined one of the translation teams, you may proceed with your changes.

Just like for the code, translations undergo manual review. Once a translation has been formally reviewed, it will eventually be merged in the project alongside other translations.

Join the community

If you would like to chat with the developers and other users of Erebot, feel free to join our IRC channel. This channel can also be used to discuss issues, new ideas / feature requests and to follow the bot’s development.

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